Some of our long-time customers absolutely loved our Website Hosting services back when we originally launched HostBend, but unfortunately one thing led to another and we weren't able to offer it anymore.

We didn't want to get rid of it, either. We knew how much our customers loved the service, but we had only the best intentions in mind: To allow HostBend to continue operations without the worry of disappearing any time soon.

That being said, it's about a year later and we're excited to announce that we're bringing Website Hosting back! We made some decisions and optimizations to reduce overhead and we're happy that we managed to be able to bring back the same awesome quality Website Hosting services.

There are some new improvements to look forward to in our all-new Website Hosting services! We are now using the top-rated control panel in the world, cPanel. One of the biggest negative aspects of our previously offered Website Hosting services was the fact that we used another control panel, of which not many people were familiar.

This resulted in more support overhead, teaching customers how to navigate the control panel, which took time away from being able to work on new projects.

Now that we're offering cPanel, we expect this support overhead to dwindle. Almost all reputable hosting providers use the very same control panel, so we're sure most customers will already be familiar with its interface.

Something else that we weren't able to offer in the previously available Website Hosting services was a deep CloudFlare integration. Some customers may recall that we actually didn't recommend customers use CloudFlare for those services, as it didn't play nicely with our previous control panel's DNS server.

With cPanel, you will be able to control your CloudFlare DNS directly within cPanel, and you'll get their premium Railgun service for free, no strings attached.

We've also partnered with MailChannels to ensure that you never have to worry about email blacklisting ever again.

As offered in our previously available service, our website builder and 1-click app installs are still available on the new platform and we're sure you'll absolutely love them!

If you're interested in checking out our new services, we also offer free site migrations. To get started, simply reach out or use the Solutions menu on our website and click the Website Hosting link (or you can click here).

Happy hosting! 🎉

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